About The Heavy Hitterz Program

shortcut to public speaking

Dear Future Heavy Hitterz Member,

Had to deliver a talk or a presentation? I am guessing probably, yes. Have had to do a presentation to an important audience? Probably.

But did you ever experience any of the below?

You aren’t sure that you made your point.
You might be too nervous to project your voice.
You forgot your memorized notes.
Your audience is getting bored.
Your audience isn’t as responsive as you thought.

The Speaker Fruits Heavy Hitterz Academy is a program specially designed to help you make the jump from being a great speaker to being a paid speaker. Learn to navigate the world of professional speaking from the people who have made it! Discover the marketing, product development, authorship and presenting secrets it took other speakers years to learn on their own. Network with colleagues who are at your level of the profession as well as those at the top.

The Heavy Hitterz Academy is a year-long program of face-to-face and distance learning that includes an intensive, one day seminar called the Speaking Salad. This meeting kicks off introduction to new recruits each year, and features programming geared just for those of you who want to take your passion for speaking to the next level: professional speaking.

There are no requirements to enroll in the Academy. As a participant, you enjoy newsletters, a subscription to Professional Speaker magazine, teleseminars, an online networking directory, The Spirit of Speaker Fruits Blog, private forum, and discounts on all training materials.